Wednesday, April 29, 2009


so i had this friend right.

we went to high school together and were cool up until pretty recently. i began to notice that our friendship was becoming one-sided with me initiating most of the conversation/contact. this friend only contacted me when she wanted/needed me to do something for her. never to just hang out or go out to lunch/dinner.

this friend and i have birthdays that are a day apart. hers is the day before mine and i went to a dinner for her and bought her a card and went to her house afterward. now on my birthday...i do not recall her wishing me happy birthday nor did i receive a card. it's not like she could have forgotten.

now we were in a little "clique" if you will. and all of the other girls in the group were getting perturbed with her behavior in that she only talks to people when she wants something or is bored. other than that she basically sits in her room and talks to her boyfriend on the phone when she isn't at work or in class. she lives with one of my best friends and my best friend had been having a problem with that friend for a while. and after listening to all of us complain about her ways, her simply not recognizing my birthday when she claims to be a good friend to me, in addition to her bitching about nobody caring about her birthday when she doesn't talk to anyone and we still planned a dinner for her, set my friend off.

so after my good friend and their roommate told her about herself and how she was being a user. you would think she would take a step back and try to reevaluate herself in order to better her friendships right?

of course not.

she claims that we are simply ganging up on her and we don't understand what she's going through even though she doesn't tell anyone her problems since she uses the bitch logic that we should just know what's wrong with her without her having to say anything. so she simply stops talking to everyone in the group [mind you i have not said ANYTHING to her about the qualms i may or may not have.] i have been told that i enabled her because i am beyond nice to her [despite what people think, once you're my friend i will go out of my way for you with a smile on my face] even though she's a shitty friend. i have even initiated conversations with her [on the internet AND on the phone offering her comfort after a shitty personal incident of hers that i somehow got involved in because the person causing her problem called me] after this incident in an effort to gauge her reaction. does she do the same with me? of course not


now. does this make sense to you? please explain this to me. clearly i'm too fucking nice.



Anonymous said...

Bitch logic...perfect words to describe the perfect bitch! it!

Derek said...

you're too nice? you weren't nice when you were RUNNING ME OVER IN FRONT OF CARIBOU!!!!

HB said...

makes no fucking sense. but i can co-sign with hannahbear (shares my name :P) that haha yes, this is Bitch Logic lmao.

how long has she been like this? maybe she's that wrapped up in her relationship that it's affected the way she acts towards ya'll...