Thursday, April 2, 2009


so today i was reminded how black women are such hypocrites when it comes to interracial relationships, and how i don't really care.

today i was at work and 2 of my good friends came over, one of them noticed an attractive well dressed black dude and was wondering who he was and blahblahblah. although i don't know him personally i knew who he was and also the fact that he tends to date white girls.

*insert our collective groan and rolling of eyes*

both of these friends tend to be interested in/date white men.

one of my friends immediately enters extreme ABW [angry black woman] syndrome any time interracial relationships are even discussed or seen on tv or in person.

hell, a biracial black/latina girl wrote in our school newspaper about how she hates seeing black men with nonblack women which confused even me since without black men dating nonblack womem, she wouldn't be alive.

hence our blatant hypocrisy.
but i completely understand it.

people are attracted to people of other races, that's normal since we're all human [more or less] but i think most of the time some black women believe that if a black man is attracted to a non-black woman that means that he is not attracted to black women. now sometimes that actually is true. but usually it isn't.

whereas black woman believe that if they see a black woman with a nonblack man, well it must be true love. sometimes that's true, sometimes it isn't.
and black women seem to fawn over nonblack men who tend to like black women which actually seems like some low ass collective self-esteem. it's like somebody who isn't black thinks we're pretty! he must be extra special! -_-

really, we all just need to chill out and not care what other people do. if a black dude actually actively doesn't date black women, then clearly you wouldn't have wanted his wack ass anyway so you're obviously not missing out on anything.
my philosophy in life is, if you don't like me, clearly you're wack. [obviously i was raised by an extremely self-confident mother]

but i will still laugh the next time my friend enters ABW mode and let out a silent groan when i see an attractive black guy with a non-black girl, especially if she isn't attractive.

because i'm a hypocrite like that.


Anonymous said...

funny stereotypical reading...

*~Miss M~* said...

you totally read my mind!! No matter how possibly irrational, sometimes it feels like nobody wants to have relationships with black women. Because they're "really aggressive and crave a lot of power" (according to Yahoo), I guess??? My own experience tells me that strength or self-assurance is easily misinterpreted to be aggressiveness and a desire to be emasculating... I too was raised by a self-confident mother, so I'm not gonna lie I'm quite frequently in ABW mode cause I don't feel loved -_-

Epic said...


It was given to the black woman in america the day she was born. The day her mother decides to put the perm in, or the day she's in class and draws the perfect family that is not black.

We are told we are not beautiful from an early age through media, commercials, family, and etc. Ask little black girls if the black doll or the white doll is prettier. Many will say white. That has been proven over and over again.

Black men are supposed to understand our struggle, they're suppposed to be our partners in crime. Many women feel abandoned when black men date interracially because we feel like no one else will want us. We feel like he's trying to "ascend" his color, like he went ahead and traded in his datsun for a benz. We scoff at the fact that it's harder for us to do that. Then it doesn't make it any better when we assume all the reasons WHY they are with that not-black girl. in Chicago I can't tell you the last time I saw a Black couple, or the last time I went to the club and saw a black guy talking to a black girl.

I only get mad when I get obviously get treated differently by ANYONE than a non-black girl, because I am black.

bleeka said...

I don't think black women get angry when they see a black man with a nonblack woman. I think they get mad because sometimes it seems as if white women are taking all the decent black men left. I've been dated only two guys only cuz all the other black ones don't deserve my time, and its really hard to find a good black guy with a good head on his shoulders. Now don't get me wrong im not putting down interracial relationships, im just sayin.