Thursday, April 16, 2009


am i the only person who saw this commercial and wanted to write a strongly worded letter to the burger king people?
and i am by no means a prude. but sometimes little things bother me.

talk about objectification.
square or not, it's still chicks shaking their asses...FOR KID'S MEALS!
i'd see if it were people in general dancing with square asses, but it's just women.

if it wasn't for kid's meals i'd still think it was kind of wack but ignored it
but really?
and people are like it's just adults taking it too seriously and kid's won't think anything about it.
and then when they see susie dropping it like it's hot it's everybody elses's fault


*~Miss M~* said...

lol... WOW. I don't have TV, so I haven't seen this commercial, but I bet some intern thought they really hit it big when they thought of this lol. I'm mad Sir Mix-A-Lot made a cameo too. Selling his soul for Burger King.. haha I can only imagine what demographic they were marketing this to.... they tried to be fair and @ least put an asian and white chick.

HB said...

i definitely want to write something about that commercial and then completely forgot, i rarely see it on tv. i found it amusing at first.. then thought this is just a way for sir-mix-a-lot to make money.
the 2nd time i saw it i was shocked that it was a kid's meal. smh...

Chanel said...

there's nothing left for me to say. you took the words right out of my mouth. god, i was so fucking pissed when i saw this. SERIOUSLY?!?!? kids meals?!?! rawr