Saturday, April 25, 2009


so the longer i get settled into this natural thing and reading my natural hair blogs, the more i develop a preference for people with natural hair.

i remember in social psych [i hate social psych, i feel like it's a waste of money paying people to do tons of research to tell us shit we already know] one of the few new things i learned was that once people make decisions, they then look for things that support their thoughts and look for bad things about the choice that they rejected [it has a technical name, but i never went to that class...]

i've always had a preference for men with curly hair/fros/dreads (basically anything i can pull/grab except cornrows) but i used (like up until i was 17) to think that the only way that a girl could be pretty , if she didn't have "good" hair, was to have it be straightened. now i find straight hair boring and i don't like the way most perms look on people. i also have found myself for the past year or so always complimenting girls with natural hair.

i miss playing in my hair due to these damn braids. i was sick of them after a week, but since my mom paid for them, i'm stuck until at least the end of may.

my potential chopping dates are either in june [6 months], august [when school starts], or december [1 year]. which one should i do?


*~Miss M~* said...


Cecelia said...

if youre not used to dealing with natural hair, i say chop in june. gives you more time to learn how to really deal with it and i can tell you dealing with my natural hair shorter is a whole different story (and a whole lot easier) than dealing with it longer.

HB said...

The sooner the better. Plus JUNE= Hot weather, it will feel great to have shorter hair when its waaaay to hot. I chopped my hair off the 1st week of July 08.

I love the idea of guys with hair with the exception of cornrows and dreds, i like running my fingers through they hair and whatnot.

i used to think straight hair was the way to go, when i was little i used to with i had "white girl" hair. but now i look back and i'm like..thank you God for giving me texture and volume and thickness and not limp stringy thin hair.

(plus i was bored of my do and tired of spending 2hrs trying straighten it.)

Derek said...

I say, hold out to December so that you can have hair to deal with. Before that, it's just going to be a fro, and since you wanna play with it (braid it, bun it, wrap it, pull it, twist it, etc), if you chop too soon, you'll just be a fro. Like me. And I can't do anything with this on my head except fluff and go. I wish I could get a weave myself, shoooooot.