Sunday, April 12, 2009

how you doing beautiful?

"damn you must have a man as fine as you are"

that's an annoying assumption.
but thank you mr. 30 year old dominos delivery man.

why do guys that are my age not flirt with me?
if they are my age they're usually hood niggas
my country/suburban ass can't handle all that.
apparently different types of dudes will approach me after i chop my hair off.
not really in the mood for the 'we are the universe and the universe is ours', kufi wearing, incense burning dudes either.
i like to curse, drink liquor, eat meat, and dance to ridiculous electro-pop.

death month.
bring on the red bull/5 hour energy shots.
[not back to back, tried that once and it was a VERY bad idea]
i'm pretty sure a study will come out 10 years from now saying 5hr energy shots cause cancer.

1 comment:

Derek said...

I'll take an Oshaka Omifundo over Tyrone Jenkins any day of the week. Guys who wear those baggy pants because they need the room, if you know what I mean.