Wednesday, April 22, 2009


am i the only female that thinks it's really not that serious?

i still have my v-card, but not for some dumb "oh it's a gift, i'm saving it until i'm in love blahblahblah" reason. i just haven't had a serious enough relationship where having sex was a reasonable idea.

i would like to know that you have another girl/have children/like to beat bitches/think africa is a country, before i fuck you, not after. i tend to talk to guys and realize early on that they will annoy the shit out of me, why waste my time (and body) on them? i don't feel like i need to be in love. but i at least have to know that you respect me and won't be an asshole. why is that so hard to find?

but girls who think they're special because they're virgins irritate me. so does this mean you won't be special anymore after you do it? basing part of your identity on something so (hopefully) temporary is stupid to me. saving it until marriage is completely unfeasible in this day and age and kinda dumb. why marry someone before you know what you like? and then if they suck in bed you're kinda stuck. i mean i guess i understand for religious reasons, but even christians need to be in tune with their bodies.

in conclusion: have sex.


Derek said...

and you DARE call ME a trollop?!

*~Miss M~* said...

I love this post so much!! You really should know what you've got in the bedroom before you get married. People like to act like sex doesn't matter in a relationship, but I know plenty of people who wouldn't be satisfied in a marriage with terrible sex.

Danielle said...

I agree. i still have my vcard 2 but i dnt think im on top of the world nether. i feel the same way as u do..