Monday, April 27, 2009


i have no problem with the woman.
she's beautiful.
she can sing...ballads. [majority of her uptempo shit is beyond retarded]
i'm pretty sure she's a nice person.


can people PLEASE stop putting her in movies? one of my friends loves anything beyonce and says that i should support a black woman doing her thing.


i'll support a black woman when i like what she does. i don't owe beyonce my $7 to watch her shitty movie just because she's black.

i just found out that she's going to play eartha kitt in a movie.
i was surprised someone even cast her in a movie where she doesn't have to sing in the predictable shit sandwich, fatal attraction knockoff, 'obsession'. but then i learned that her and her father are producing it.

how predictable.

stuff like this makes me mad because they keep putting her in movies, knowing she can't act just on the hopes that her name will draw some money. while that particular movie could have been made awesome by a no-name yet talented black actress who finally gets a big break. but new actors/actresses are being stifled by studios putting non-talented rappers/singers in these roles just to get some stupid asses in the seats.

i never know how to properly end blogs...


Chanel said...

haha you're hilarious. i'm sorry, but i don't even like ("support") her music either. I'm always asking, why is she popular again? I feel like she's pretty talentless...

Selah said...

I still can't believe that you only paid $7 for a movie... movies where I live are a cool $10.50. Our matinees? $8.50

It's a racket!! LOL LOL

and naw... Beyonce can't act. The scenes where she was mad were the best for her.. but dang.. that was it. LOL

HB said...

yes, the bitch really can't act. i keep telling ppl that obsessed will give me more reason to laugh at bey trying to be serious.

*~Miss M~* said...

I don't think Beyonce will ever be able to play Eartha Kitt (who I fucking love!!!). -_-