Saturday, May 16, 2009

oh honey.

so i've been trying to fix my skin while saving money. so i decided to use up whatever i already had.

my skin is clearing up and it's taking on this nice little glow.
i've done basically the same thing i always did but added something else.

basically i just slather honey on my face every night and leave it on from 30 min to whenever i feel like washing it off.

apparently honey kills bacteria and reduces inflammation and redness.

really cheap and completely natural.
after i wash it off i put my usual benzoyl peroxide cream on it and moisturize with oyinhandmade's whipped pudding [i will never stop singing the praises of this brand. how great is a product that can successfully moisturize your skin AND hair?]


hb said...

i really cant wait to get some paychecks, i really want to buy some of the oyin products.

the whipped pudding doesnt clog ur pores?

pb™ said...

nope. but then again i have really dry skin so idk if it would work as well for you