Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fuck abraham lincoln

i soooooooo hate when people bring up abraham lincoln like he is some sort of savior and lover of black people.

yes he freed the slaves.
kind of.
he freed all slaves within the union.
the south was NOT in the union at the time of the emancipation proclamation. [if i'm wrong please correct me]

he stated himself many times that he thought that blacks were inferior to whites and that they did not deserve equal rights.
he only freed slaves to preserve the union. if he could have preserved it without freeing slaves, he definitely would have done so.

this whole rant was brought on by this kinda old illustration i saw with mlk jr. and abe in heaven watching obama give his democratic acceptance speech. if abe saw barack obama running for president now, i'm almost certain he would be like "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE"

fuck him. people deify some people and neuter others. that's why most of the history that is taught in schools is bullshit.

incidentally, mlk jr. is a prime example of a historical figure that has been neutered. martin had more than a goddamn dream. he was not a nice peaceful man that everybody loved. if that were true THEY WOULDN'T HAVE KILLED HIM. it wasn't some fringe element, he was considered a threat to national security because he was telling blacks that they deserved to be treated like equals.

shitdamnmotherfucker. rant over.


Derek said...

so, q-tip's new album is out. you should listen and tell me if it's good or not.


Invisible Woman said...

I am glad sum1 said it.. everytime i tell sum1 that abe didnt give a fuck they stare at me like i am stupid i am like read a book motherfuckers read his proposals... oops my bad those words u may not understand... abe just needed to save the union and need more people 4 his army just in case the south wanted to start a war.