Saturday, October 25, 2008 was a black man

this shit here.

so i read this story yesterday or the day before about this white girl who was a mccain volunteer in some bumfuck town and she claimed that she was robbed and attacked by a black man [isn't it always a black man?] who after seeing her mccain/palin sticker on the back of her car proceeded to beat her and carve a 'b' on her face.

now when i saw this...and i saw the picture of the girl. i called bullshit.
[you can google it if you want]
one, the girl's eye was just vaguely purple, if someone gives you a black eye, that shit is swollen
two, how does someone carve a PERFECT 'b' in your face?!?! even if somebody is holding me down...i would think that i would be squirming and moving if they are carving up my damn face.

and of course. i was right.

the bitch lied.

i'm done.
fuck it.
obama '08

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