Thursday, October 23, 2008

it's funny, right?

so i was looking on facebook at the 'people you may know' doohicky
and i saw this white girl who used to make me miserable in middle school.

she has a kid with another on the way with some 30 something year old dude that she's not married to.
and she's a stay at home mom who takes classes online.

i don't really have anything substantive to say about that.
just found it interesting.
DEFINITELY don't envy her.

life is weird.
when i was 12 years old i had no idea where i was going to be 10 years later.
i doubt she did either. probably didn't think she'd be a stay at home mom with 2 kids.
for some reason this gets me thinking about my future.
i don't even know where i'm going to be NEXT year.
let's not even think about 5 years from now.

i'm interested in seeing life's curveballs.
[you like how i look at someone else and start talking about myself?]


hb said...

lmao. "definitely don't envy her."

questionmark said...

hatin ass.

Invisible Woman said...

the thing i find most interesting is that people from jhs or hs that we hated always request the people they tormented... its really interesting i am always like" heifer, didnt u make my life a living hell in jhs?, So y do u wanna be my friend?" oh well i guess i will never kno... oh and btw i am a big fan of ur blog! lol