Wednesday, October 22, 2008

theeee apple juice kid.

i've been aware of his existence for almost a year now.
he's from the chapel hill urrea and shit.
great percussionist and producer.
but i didn't really really get into him.
and then i login to myspace yesterday [music is the only thing myspace is good for] and see that he goes and drops this shit.

[i'm assuming it's pretty obvious where you can find it...]

obviously it's instrumental remixes of miles davis stuff.
pretty decent listen.
made one of the songs my new ringtone.
my favorites are violingreen [a lovely take on blue in green, and subsequently the version with raheem devaughn and yahzarah or purple st. james or whatever the fuck she goes by these days] and snapmusic [the new ringtone]

in addendum:
blu + phonte = whaaaaaaaa?!?

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