Thursday, October 16, 2008

oh mother.

i love my mother.
i really do.
but most times she works my nerves so bad.
most of my friends have been hearing my mom bullshit
to some people these would be minor problems but i'm not those people.

she's in the process of trying to teach me how to be an adult/force responsibilities upon me while still treating me like a child. this is impossible and frustrating for all parties involved
i'm forced to contribute to my tuition/school expenses and buy my own food and clothing. i COMPLETELY understand and agree with this. my problem is that my mother is usually a bitch about and nags me like i'm a child to "remind" me of doing something that i'm already doing.

she also expects me to be able to buy things that i need and take care of business all while not having a car. that little fender bender i got in at the very beginning of the school year resulted in my car being taken away. now i understand this for a short punishment period or whatnot. but i kind of need a car in order to take care of business. [example: i need to go to the optometrist next week. my mom tells me that i should take the fucking bus rather than letting me drive my car. 1) i don't do buses, 2) i don't do DURHAM buses.]

also, i am a messy person, anyone who knows me knows this. my mom has taken it upon herself to attempt to clean my room for me once a month. now a small part of me is like hey, if she wants to volunteer free maid service be my guest. but the rest is're grown you really shouldn't have your mother cleaning up after you, you can do that shit yourself [that and i really don't need her finding my liquor stash]

i guess this is growing pains and shit
fuck that.

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Derek said...

I'm glad you can put your feelings into words as opposed to cursing our your momma like one of those scuzzy little white children.

With that said, a) you need to clean your room. bad.

b) point taken. I'd say talk to her about it, but you already have. I'd just grit my teeth and bear it. You know--honor thy mother...

But, hey, since you got in a finder parent, and any parent would be scared shitless no matter how minor it was (although you had NO business being so careless while driving, eating, switching music, speeding, not yielding), I can understand her desire to quickly prepare you for adulthood and limiting your freedom. She doesn't want you to die.

*sigh* MOMMAS! Gotta love them :0)