Monday, December 1, 2008


so according to the time magazine i was reading yesterday...52% of black women are obese. compared to 31% of everybody else [black men, white men and women] nevermind the fact that americans apparently are fat as fuck.


are you fucking kidding me?!

i have now made it my personal goal in life not to become one of that 52%
i'm not fat but i should really watch myself before i creep up to that 52%
i've always said i don't want to be one of those stereotypical fat black bitches [anybody who knows me, knows i'm a profane person, i should stop calling people bitches and cunts]

well i ate my last fast food meal for a while yesterday.

i shall miss my fat laden coffee drinks the most...

50 fucking 2 percent

we need to do better.


before the hype said...

but based on what i see
that is completely accurate.
i hope i don't sound like a bitxh for that.
oh wells, it's still true.
i feel like i need to go to the gym.
but you're brave for giving up the coffee. LOL

Choir Boy said...

Hmmm... so does that mean I should stop eating Granddad's "Luther Burger". I heard when you eat it, you begin to understand what crack feels like.

Derek said...

While being a stereotypical fat black bitch might be an issue for you, take comfort in knowing you're still a stereotypical skinny black bitch in my eyes.


(Skinny bitches are evil!)

Jervis said...

happy to see your concerned,but your right,we need to do better, before we become instinct,lol

bonnie said...