Monday, December 8, 2008

if i were a boy...

i'd be a fucking manwhore.

this was all started by this weird dream that i had that i was a hermaphrodite...with a really huge dick [if you know what that dream means in some metaphoric way...let me know]


my friend and i were discussing that if we were men, we'd probably be whores. like have a revolving door of women...a stable if you will.

and only because women let men do shit like that.
i know numerous women who KNOW the dude they're with is fucking other women. and they don't say shit.

and i know several women who KNOW a dude is in a relationship and don't give a fuck.

i'm not saying it's all the women's fault. men aren't mindless animals who don't know right from wrong. but you can only say no so many times.

there is no hope.
i'm gonna get started on my houseful of dogs.


Derek said...

I'm not a drunk.

And it's a house-full of cats.

brittneypb said...

cats are evil.

Jervis said...

lol,yurr crazy,the world just turns the wrong way sometimes,hey what can u do