Friday, December 12, 2008


yet another mediocre semester out of the way.

i'm no dumb student...i realize that i'm lazy and that's not fucking cute.
i'll be doing ok in a class with like a b or even an a and then i usually manage to do something retarded like stop going to class or not getting easy credit points which results in my grades dropping so that i look like a mediocre dumbass.

i've always been the lazy quasi-smart kid [i hate referring to myself as smart]

so i'm really working on getting my shit together before i have to go out in the real world.

so i will enjoy my winter break and while i'm reading my newly purchased autobiography of miles davis, i'll be looking for research work so i can at least look like a marketable potential employee.



hb said...

i do the same thing with school.
ace the first exam and then never show up. yea. its problem. i'm sure if i tried my gpa would be decent instead of the shit it is now.

enjoy your break :)

Choir Boy said...

Eff gpa's. Chasin' numbers is for rappers. The fact your resume says UNC should be enough for these elitist ass employers. Autobiography of Miles Davis?

Makes me kind of blue inside... =)

Jervis said...

enjoy yurr break