Thursday, December 18, 2008

how cute.

there's this new temporary girl that is working at my job who happens to be of the caucasian persuasion.

this, by itself, is nothing new at all [except that she doesn't go to unc]

but i think she may be the most sheltered person i have ever met in my life.
most of the people that are working at my job over christmas break happen to be of a non-white persuasion.

and it's so cute how she is so fascinated with brown people.

she saw a black girl come in with a natural and she just stared at her hair. and then she was like ohmygoodness her hair is so cool. we also started talking about hair and haircuts. [it was unrelated to that black girl's hair] and she interjected how much she liked my hair [i'm doing this no heat thing so my hair was down in some sort of frizzy/straight hybrid]
i kinda brushed it off and didn't think anything of it.

but then a group with white/south asian/east asian guys came in. and after they left she said, "wow, this school is so diverse!" [in a cute cheery way]
so i was like you don't have indians at your school?
well the school that she goes to [unc-pembroke] is known for having a lot of native american students since a lot of them live in that area. but for the most part that's the main minority that she is accustomed to interacting with. but no she had never seen a south asian person at her school. and she was so excited when she met one of my coworkers who is part native american, guess because it was something that she was used to.

another incident where some hispanic people came in and they were speaking in spanish to one another, and the girl [as i'm told since i wasn't there] just stared at them. and then said, "ohmygosh are you speaking spanish?!?" one of my coworkers is puerto rican and he was working with her [we kind of rotate so we don't get too bored] and one of the adult staff members also happens to be puerto rican. so she proceeded to ask them a shitload of dumb questions about puerto rico such as whether they have mcdonald's and wal-marts and other things of that nature.

now all that is said to say this.
why do people like her still exist?
maybe i take for granted that i grew up in a relatively diverse environment in which people of other races were not all that fascinating.
some of my coworkers were kinda perturbed with her ignorance, but i found it kind of a 5 year old really. i'd rather her be fascinated and think different races are amazing than the alternative.

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