Thursday, December 11, 2008

i'm not a photographer

but i love taking photos.
i'm too poor [to afford all the proper accoutrement] and unskilled to be an actual photographer, lol. one b+w class does not a photographer make.
i hate that everyone thinks they're a model/photographer/rapper/singer/fashion designer/poet/blahblahblah nowadays. too many wannabe artists, not enough people to simply appreciate it.

i'm a proud appreciator.

i would love to date a photographer though.
or any kind of artist for that matter [except rappers. no rappers. it's become a bit cliche that every other black guy i meet is a fucking rapper]
i love artistic people.
i think i like to glom onto their talent and live vicariously through them since my only real talent is being a philosophical genius [i kid]

i admire the fact that some people can take nothing and create gold.
but photographers can take the mundane everyday things that we walk by and make them breathtakingly gorgeous. it takes someone who looks at the world through a special lens [and not the camera one] to amplify those things. i want to dig into the mind of a person like that.

what was the point of this post?
idk...i just ramble on this bitch when i'm bored and in front of a computer...
i should be studying for my 2 exams tomorrow.

the internet is so distracting.
yay for the 10.deep x dj benzi mixtape and boondocksbootleg youtube channel for providing me with reasons to stare at the computer and play solitaire rather than studying.

hmmm...i want to go to the thrift store.

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Jervis said...

yeh,im diggin photography too