Thursday, March 12, 2009

big kid.

so i find myself in my insomniac-ness usually staying up until 8 am and watching kids shows.


i watch all these little language shows, my favorite is ni hao, kai-lan since it actually teaches me something for when the chinese take over the world in 10 years.

the wonder pets, the backyardigans [though i do have a slight beef with that show, uniqua? really?]...don't judge me. it's better than reality shows or whatever scripted bs passes for television now.

i envy young kids nowadays cuz now they have cool shows. the cartoons/shows for post-preschoolers to tweens suck though. i love yo gabba gabba. what other children's show can you find biz markie beat boxing and the roots and chromeo performing?

you can't NOT dance to chromeo!

sesame street back in the day [before i was born] used to be that cool [richard pryor anyone?] but i don't even know if it comes on anymore.

youtube ftw. some people thought roosevelt franklin was racist but i like him.

i'm watching cartoons tomorrow....

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