Thursday, March 5, 2009

why are you single?

or more specifically, why don't you have a boyfriend.
a pox on the next person who asks me that dumbass question.

my varied responses to this question will include

1) i'm a lesbian [false]
2) i'm asexual [half-false]
3) you haven't asked me out yet [depending on the person, i'm either being truthful or being a bitch]
4) i'm awkward [true]
5) i don't want a bf [half-true]

usually you will simply get a blank stare and a shrug.
and if i'm drunk you may get one of any number of outrageous and/or inappropriate responses.

that really is a stupid question.
i've never had the urge to ask someone that.


Harley Buzzz said...

i hate that question too.

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

lol I was convinced that I am asexual but truthfully there are deeper reasons for me as well

cosigning on dumb question