Monday, March 16, 2009

i don't want to grow up!

so my friend just reminded me that my birthday is in two weeks.

and now i've entered a quarter-life crisis.


i remember when i used to be excited and look forward to my birthday up until i was like 14.
then i was indifferent to them.
and now i dread it.

now i have less of an excuse for not having accomplished anything at all in life.
i can't say i'm only a teenager anymore.

20 is the most irrelevant age.
i can still: smoke cigs, legally watch porn, buy things off the tv, get into shitty clubs. [not that i do any of that]

i can't: buy/legally drink alcohol, get into good clubs.


for my bday i'm treating myself to getting my hurr did
it's been 3 months and dealing with 5 different textures [straight/curly/wavy/nappy/hybrid] is a hassle.
i can't decide whether i want to get braids or get it weaved up.
i change my mind every other day.
blahblahblah. pointless chatter.

the end.

1 comment:

FullComplexity said...

If I could go back to 20, I'd do it in a heartbeat!!!

Happy Early Birthday... even though you're not so happy about it. ;}