Monday, March 9, 2009


i just woke up after falling asleep after getting off work and tv sucks so i'm reading a shitload of blogs/youtubing/throwing music on le zune. it's possible lol.

1st of all, wtf nc weather?
it was snowing last week. and now it's 80 degrees outside.
get it together.

2nd of all i was having an r&b session yesterday and quickly remembered why i don't listen to it that often. love songs when you aren't in love are just annoying. they either sound really desperate or borderline stalkerish.
but wtf happened to deborah cox?
i almost went to church on 'nobody's supposed to be here'
talented people never seem to last long.

i need a drink.
why couldn't i have been born a year earlier?

i've been squelching the urge to just go ahead and cut my hair off.
i know the second i do it i'll be on the floor in the fetal position crying that i look like a boy.

en fin.
jesus h. christ parents annoy me.
-brittney if you're going to cook [i cook for everyone in the house] you need to make sure you clean up afterwards
-brittney i cooked, the least you could do is clean up
-brittney you're never home
-brittney you can't just lay around here all day

what do you want from me woman.

in addendum.
i think i'm a misogynist.
damn i hate girls.


questionmark said...

its only because you're a gay man.

Harley Buzzz said...

cut it.