Tuesday, March 3, 2009

do people listen?

or is my phone number just really similar to a whole lot of other numbers?

i don't answer strange numbers and will let it go to voicemail and if it's someone i know they'll leave a message. now on my voicemail i say my FULL NAME.

i just got a message for some lady named caroline from the ford dealership

-i get called with somebody's medical test results at least once a month.
-one night at 2 am the police called me [they said someone else's name]
-one month i was getting calls every other day because somehow someone got my phone number mixed up with that of a cab service and was leaving messages about a cab
-some dude left a message talking about i don't know him but i need to call him back cuz he could make me happy [that was slightly creepy]

and my personal favorite
some lady called me one night and left a message talking about she was so-and-so's wife and she found my number in his phone and she needed to talk to me. her ass must be dumb as shit since she should have have his phone in front of her and she clearly called the wrong person

now i say my name in my voicemail.
do people not listen to it and say, hey this isn't caroline's phone, let me hang up and check the number i was given.
people are stupid.


Harley Buzzz said...

lmao about the creepy dude. that is really creepy.
i used to get calls from random 4-digit numbers. ... where the other 6 numbers where, i have no idea. yay blocking -_-

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wow, what's really going on?!

' sнαrz. » said...

LMFAOOO That happens to me ALL THE DAMN TIME!! Oh man, there was a time where this dude calls and he's like "Hey, babe" and i'm like "excuse me?"
"you know who it is..."
"uh no."
"wrong number..."
so he hangs up and calls back and says:
"OK listen, i know i was wrong about last night when, i was a hypocrite about the Oral argument, but honestly...you don't have to be a bitch like that.."
"OK I GET IT! stop messing around like. im sorry. I shouldn't say giving head is disgusting while i would enjoy you giving ME head. Shit. Its either we man up and DO IT TO EACH OTHER or WE DONT DO IT AT ALL. And i looove my BRAINS so i will MAN UP."
"....uh. Listen, kevin...this is the wrong number...(i tell him my number)"
"no its not...haha"(Awkwardly)
"yeah..it is."
"Im sooo sorry, uh...thanks, have a great night!"

I will never forget that one.
(sorry i had to share it.)

Derek said...

Who really says "brain"?

And, Shirley just called. She wants to talk to you woman-to-woman. Now, you can play it cool or come out of the bag with it, but he's hers.

pb™ said...

that story made my night